Wednesday, July 1, 2009

iPhone Apps

Are you busy traveling from meeting to meeting? Do you happen to be one of the world’s 22 million iphone users? How does one keep up with all the apps that are released each and every week? It’s a big job for sure!

This month’s Travel and Leisure Magazine (online version) includes a featured slide show showing some of the most common apps for the busy traveler and meeting goer. This article by Jason Cochran talks about a number of “must have” apps that are featured to make your travel life simpler. Check them out and see what you think.

I currently have the Gasbag app (it's one he talks about) on my iPhone and it is great! It helps locate gas stations and prices for gas. It also helps me track how efficient my 4-Runner is when I travel. I don’t like being late for anything, especially a meeting or a big conference! Just be careful when using the Gasbag app – the information you get is only as efficient as the user who enters it.

- Cyndy Hutchinson, Meeting & Conference Planner