Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Ten Rules for Traveling Safely [Part I]

When traveling, here are a few planning tips to consider before leaving the house, getting to the airport, and boarding the airline. I’ve included a reason for each rule to help nail down why it’s so important to plan safely… Safety comes first!

Rule #1
Make two copies of the contents in your wallet. Leave a copy at home and take a copy with you.
Reason: Your wallet is stolen and you can’t remember what was in there. Americans tend to keep up to nine credit cards in their wallet. It’s best to take the card most used and leave the others at home.

Rule #2
Carry your passport with you, even for domestic travel. Also, follow rule # 1.
Reason: The airplane’s engine is experiencing trouble and needs to land immediately. Most airlines travel over water and can cross into a country border. When your citizenship can be easily identified, you are able to reach your final destination much sooner.

Rule #3
If traveling internationally, make sure your passport is current. The expiration date should be at least 6 months after your dates of travel.
Reason: Several countries will not permit travelers to enter the country unless their passport will remain valid for at least six months after their scheduled departure.

Rule #4
Send your travel itinerary to at least two people.
Reason: In case there is an accident or you lose your documents.

Rule #5
When traveling with your laptop, put your business card inside.
Reason: Your laptop is mixed up in security and disappears. At least there is a way to identify your laptop from someone else’s. Or if you’re traveling with co-workers and you all have the same laptop, yours can be easily identified.

Next week – Rules 6 through 10…

- Tess Conrad • Meeting & Conference Planner, RDL enterprises