Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Ten Rules for Traveling Safely [Part II]

Last week, I presented the first five of my "ten tips for traveling safely", along with reasons for each rule. Here are the final five:

Rule #6
Pack lightly. Minimize your suitcase to essentials only. Carry a suitcase that you can lift over your head, so you can carry-on. Most airlines carry-on measurements are: 45 linear inches or 9” H x 14” W x 24” L. You can also find more information on the carriers website or by calling.
Reason: You don’t have to pay baggage fees and you can quickly get through the airport check in. You also have the relief that your items are with you and will not get lost in transition.

Rule #7
Carry a pen light with you.
Reason: You’re in a hotel and the lights go out and it’s the middle of the night. Having a light included in your luggage gives you a safe way to find exits, stairs, etc. It is helpful to have a light on you in any case.

Rule #8
Travel lightly. Dress in natural fibers and cover as much of your body as possible including closed toe shoes.
Reason: One, for comfort and two, in case of an emergency evacuation. Open-toed shoes can be hazardous to your feet if you have to walk across uneven surfaces that may or may not be clear of debris. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Rule #9
On the airplane, sit where you have options. Familiarize yourself with the seating rows and emergency exits.
Reason: The airplane experiences an emergency landing and you have to exit quickly. The safest seat is the one with the most options.

Rule #10
When on board, put your cell phone on airport mode.
Reason: Airport mode prevents the phone from making or receiving calls or data transmissions while still allowing you to enjoy music and watch videos (depending on what phone you have). This also allows you to comply with FAA regulations, while still having quick access in case you need to text or call someone in the event of an emergency, as it is easy to switch this mode off/on for most phones.

Thank you for flying with us. Enjoy your next flight and remember to always travel safely. See you again soon!

~ Tess Conrad • Meeting & Conference Planner, RDL enterprises