Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Music Festival Celebration

On June 4, 2011, RDL kicked off the summer by managing their first ever music festival. The air was damp, the American River was breathtaking, and spirits were high at the sixth annual Coloma Blues Live music festival.

The 2011 lineup featured amazing, award-winning talent. Arizona’s hottest blues band The Sugar Thieves, voted best in the state, started the show off with a delta bang! Meridith Moore, lead singer extraordinaire said the band drove up from Arizona the night before. Their grateful presence was exhilarating and got people to their feet to “shake their meat.” They almost stole the show right out of the gate!

John NĂ©meth, who recently made the front cover of the Blues Festival Guide*, quickly gathered people to the stage to enjoy his funky, retro-modern blend of blues and soul. The third act and one of the most recognized, award-winning performers, Tommy Castro Band, came out in the middle of the day. His popular performance parted the clouds and stopped the pouring rain at Henningsen-Lotus Park. Hardcore Blues fans by the hundreds huddled around the stage to hear Tommy’s stunning, blues/roots performance. His electric guitar showmanship stole the show during his improvisational stunt coming off the stage and into the crowd, as he ripped and roared through the park playing his famed roadhouse rock. He was certainly a fan favorite! The Taj Mahal Trio undoubtedly filled the sierra foothills ending Coloma Blues Live with a delightful, fun-filled performance. The husky, bear like man shook his booty, telling everyone else to “get wiggling and giggling, dancing and prancing.” A few of the artists shared how much Taj Mahal influenced and inspired the creation of their artistry. You could see through crowd faces how much his illuminating presence inspired everyone, as they watched this legend fill the air with his rich compilation of music and talent.

Coloma Blues Live from start to finish was certainly was a celebration! Everyone involved, from the 150+ volunteers, crew, and the El Dorado Arts Council, who presented Coloma Blues Live, must feel very proud.

~ Tess Conrad • Meeting Planner & Coloma Blues Live Coordinator, RDL enterprises

*Blues Festival Guide is widely known for providing Blues fans with all the happenings in the genre.

All proceeds from the event benefit arts in education.