Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What is “Conference Chicken”? And why serve it?

Planning a small meeting or a large conference can be a challenge when it comes to choosing the correct food & beverage for the event. So many attendees have various and unusual tastes in foods, not to mention sever allergies to certain kinds of foods. Some of these food challenges may include allergies to glutton, sugar, salt, and MSG. Strict diets that some attendees must adhere to, like diabetic, vegan, and vegetarian. Or all the people that have very specific food dislikes. Often clients want to serve their attendees something that they may personally enjoy without taking all of the above into consideration. Usually, fish & red meat are not the best ideas, although clients do choose them.

We often recommend a safer choice that most people will enjoy and that a good chef can prepare in a delicious fashion. That entrée choice is what has become known as “Conference Chicken”! Now, some of you might think that chicken can be boring, but a good chef can do wonders with flavor & presentation of the conference favorite. So, when planning your next event, here are some delicious & fun recipes from Cooking Light that you might want to think of serving your guests – or to use as ideas for larger meal functions. Share your ideas with the Chef as you prepare the menu. They can be very helpful in making your meal wishes come to fruition. Here’s to the success of your meals!

~ Cyndy Hutchinson • Executive Director, RDL enterprises

Ed. Note: Working with the chef is a key component of producing great meals for any event on a budget. For more of a look at that concept, click here.