Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Autumn’s Song

Autumn has graced her presence on most parts of North America. I’m always amazed at how the seasonal equinoxes and solstices take time to peal back their natural layers. There is rhythm and harmony to nature’s slow process as she takes time to unravel her seasonal song. She sings through the wind, “I am seductive and mysterious and I’ll arrive when ready.” September 20th is the first day of fall. It’s early November and certainly feels like fall more than any other day, previous. Trees shed warm, comforting colors of yellow, red, brown, and orange. The dusty, colorful leaves sway throughout the sky. Autumn’s sound is loud and bustling. Her presence is fierce stating, “I have arrived. Pay attention. Transformation is taking place.”

Autumn is a time of nostalgia and letting go. It’s a turning point. Ana Forrest writes, “As children of the earth, it’s easier for us to make changes if we work consciously with the earth’s changes.” It’s about balance. Nature is cycling, harvesting, and decomposing into the earth. It is a transformational process of give and take, clearing and renewal. Naturally our bodies connect to this quintessential time of year, wanting to remove old behavior patterns and break off dried up beliefs that no longer serve a purpose. Earth eases us to slow down, transform, and nurture each other and ourselves. It’s a time for gratitude, praise, and thanksgiving. During this season of harvest ask what needs self-reflection, release, or both? What are you doing in your life now to connect to the planet, to each other?

During this time of year, as business slows down, we here at RDL reflect on the past year and consider the road ahead. I urge each of us to get grounded and connect to the season of change. Take inquiry of our surroundings and to nature’s beautiful rhythm. This is an exciting time of year. Be grateful for everything! Today I am grateful for breath, creativity, and friendship. Bring attention to whatever it is that brightens your spirit and makes your heart sing. Get curious. I challenge you to do something everyday in November that ignites your spirit, connects to your body, and deepens your breath to finding your authentic self - your spirit.


Walk in beauty,

~ Tess Conrad • Event Planner, RDL enterprises

Note: Ana Forrest is the author of Fierce Medicine and creatrix of Forrest Yoga.