Friday, November 18, 2011

A real paperless meeting

In today’s meeting environment we are all looking for ways to be digital friendly. Do we use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or do we look for ways to really use our electronic resources? I have been researching the use of smart phones and tablets by attendees as they prepare to attend an event and while they are on-site...

In my research, I have found applications that can be customized by the planner and allows the attendee to log in and gets all the most up to date information about the event. It can include:
Customized logos
Conference Agenda
Map of the meeting site
Map of the exhibit hall
Special Events
Links to social marketing for the event
Last minute changes to the program
Some events are using Bar Code or QR Code Readers that allows planners to embed a barcode with the confirmation information and email it to the attendee. The attendee can print the confirmation with the barcode, or they can scan it directly from their smart phone. They just needed to scan the code on a Barcode or QR Reader and they get a nametag printed. If the attendee has not registered, they can do so on site and get a bar code generated at that time. The QR Reader could also be used as a sign in for attendees registered for continuing education or special events.
This gives the planner immediate feedback as to who is actually in attendance.

The possibilities are limitless and we have only to challenge our creative minds to find ways to move into the paperless meeting environment.

~ Linda Begbie • Executive Director, RDL enterprises