Monday, November 28, 2011

Event Cost Savings: Signage

Creating signage for events is an easy task that every planner can do with ease. When planning an event, it is important to have the correct information available and an easy-to-read format for attendees. However, the display and choice of materials is widely varied. Often the client budget is a big factor in how elaborate signage is at any given event.

RDL takes pride in working with our clients in all facets of planning the logistics of their meetings, conferences, or events. Client budgets are always very important and looking for cost savings measures for our clients are options that we like to share. Signage can be a huge expense and the message is the same; directions & information for attendees. Signs can be as large as billboards, they can be multiple colors, illuminated, 3-dimensional, magnetic, and in every size and shape imaginable. Banners and large foam-core signs are beautiful and depending on the number of signs needed to assist attendees in getting from place to place and knowing what is happening in each venue can be huge.

Here’s some information for many different and unique options for event signage.

Signage can also be very moderated and still be quite effective, depending on the venue, the client and the number of attendees. RDL planners often reduce the cost of big expensive signs by using slip in sign holders.

The slip in sign holders have borders in many colors that can compliment our client’s theme or colors. These sign holders have a plastic center for a 8/5x11 pre-printed sign. This style sign is easy, efficient and inexpensive for our clients. These slip in signs also have large red arrows to assist attendees with directions to venue meeting rooms and other events. Signage provides directional assistance to elevators, up and down stairs, around corners, and down long hallways.

Just a little bit of information that I thought would be interesting to share. Great to know of something that other planners may not be aware of & to know that this form of signage is cost inexpensive and efficient.

~ Cyndy Hutchinson • Executive Director, RDL enterprises